February 8, 2019

How Can A Pediatric Audiologist Help My Baby With Hearing Loss?

A Newborn Hearing Screening is conducted within the first few days of life, before a baby even leaves the hospital. If the screening indicates that follow-up testing is needed, you’ll need to make an appointment to see a pediatric audiologist recommended by your doctor as soon as possible. Pediatric audiologists are best equipped to test babies, determine whether there is a hearing loss, and guide in the next steps going forward to choose the best options to suit your baby’s needs. What types of testing does a Pediatric Audiologist do? -Newborns and very young infants The audiologist will conduct an […]
January 14, 2019

Hearing Loss is Different for Every Child

What many people don’t know is that there are several different types of hearing loss. Each type has its own best practices for treatment, but even within these categories each case is highly individualized. Once a diagnosis is reached, patients work with their doctor to find the best treatment plan for that specific case. If you or your child is new to the world of hearing loss, the information can be overwhelming. Doctors and audiologists are best suited to guide you through the process, but arming yourself with some basic knowledge can help make the whole experience easier. Common Types […]
June 16, 2015

How to Make Cleaning Up with Your Toddler a Listening Activity

SING A SONG: Pick a song to sing with your toddler each time you clean up. Over time, as you start to sing, stop before the last word and use auditory closure to allow the child to finish singing the song. SORT BY COLORS: Have your toddler clean up sorting by colors. Encourage them to find only one color first while you find another. AUDITORY MEMORY: Ask your child to find two or three objects to put away first. Continue to have them listen for which objects they can bring you. (Ex. “Can you put the lion and the monkey […]
May 11, 2015

4 Ways to Help Keep Baby’s Hearing Aid or Implant On

It’s critical for babies and toddlers to wear their hearing devices as often as possible, yet we face one obstacle – keeping them on! Little ones are constantly exploring and on-the-go, and since there’s no stopping that, here are some ways to help keep their hearing aids/ implants on. 1. Bonnets/Pilot Caps A pilot cap or bonnet prevents a baby from being able to take their hearing aids out. Companies specialize in making them for hearing aids and cochlear implants so that they are designed to not cause feedback. Some websites include www.hearinghenry.com and www.silkawear.com. 2. Wig Tape Wig tape […]