The Sound Start Babies Benefit


Our heartfelt thanks…

The Sound Start Babies family extends a heartfelt thanks to YOU for making our Benefit a success. What an amazing evening we had! I was so encouraged by Justin Osmond and his story - what a wonderful role model and inspiration for our Babies and their families.

It is because of your selflessness that we can continue offering Babies who are deaf or hard of hearing the care that they need to learn, grow and live to their fullest potential. With your continued support, we can also strive to fulfill our goals of helping babies with hearing loss in Southern NJ (where crucial programs do not exist) and establishing a program to help children with multiple disabilities.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Jessica Griffin, Sound Start Babies Board President


Superhero Fun!

Our guests had a great time showing off their superhero flair at our step and repeat! To view all of our 2018 Sound Start Babies Benefit pictures, including step and repeat pictures, click here!

Justin Osmond Inspired Us

Justin Osmond brought us to tears as he told the story of his life. At the age of two, Justin was was diagnosed with 90% hearing loss. When he received his hearing aids, Justin could finally hear the world around him. While other children were playing, he spent many hours in speech therapy. Justin's hard work paid off, as he was able to prove doctors wrong and become a notable musician- playing the violin, viola, piano, and drums.

Though he was faced with many obstacles, Justin found the power to rise above those hurdles and conquer his hearing loss.

A Personal View

Cheryl shared Elaina's hearing loss story.

Elaina, now two, started Sound Start Babies at only 3 months old. Her diagnosis of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss was shocking at first, but with the guidance and support from the Sound Start Babies team and our generous donors, Elaina has excelled!