1What does this charity do?
The Sound Start Babies program provides therapies to babies with hearing loss and their families so they can learn to communicate as if they didn’t have a hearing loss.
2Why do babies with hearing loss need Sound Start Babies?
If this critical window of brain development is missed (birth -3 years), irreversible delays in speech and learning occur.
3Why do they need money?
State funding only covers 1/3 of The Sound Start Babies program cost. The Lake Drive Foundation fills the gap.
4Where does the money go?
88% of the funds raised go directly to Sound Start Babies program costs.
5Why isn’t this program funded by school districts?
Funds from the Dept. of Education are not available until the child reaches 3 years, long after the critical window of brain development has passed.
6Does the Lake Drive Foundation fund the Lake Drive School?
No, the Lake Drive School is funded by the Mountain Lakes Board of Education and the students’ home districts.
7How many babies are currently in the program?
Every year, there are 50-60 babies in the program. To date, Sound Start Babies has helped over 1,500 hearing impaired babies throughout New Jersey, serving 11 counties.