"Maya is going off to kindergarten in the fall and is so ready to go! Her end of the year evaluations showed that she actually excels in language! I will always be so incredibly grateful to you and all of the people who were a part her early intervention. That time in a child's development is so precious particularly for language. Maya is still the happy, friendly, out-going girl you knew. But I don't know what would have happened to that girl if she hadn't learned to communicate verbally! What you are giving these little ones is invaluable. I don't think most people understand the impact of the work you do. But please pat yourself on the back. Or throw yourself a party because you deserve it!"

Sound Start Babies parent

Watching your kids grow up is hard. Watching them grow up AND succeed is wonderful! Today is Ian's last day at Sound Start Babies, I will be forever grateful to his teachers and the staff for helping Ian learn to hear, listen and speak with cochlear implants. His journey is just beginning but I know he has a sound start behind him."

Jessica Griffin, Ian's Mom