10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pediatric Hearing Aids

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.27.44 PMThe world of hearing aids can seem overwhelming to navigate, especially for first time parents dealing with a new diagnosis of hearing loss. Many parents are concerned if hearing aids are right for their child.  Pediatric Audiologists will help families determine which device would be most beneficial for each child to insure they receive the best access to auditory information around them.

  1. Individual Programming –Through extensive testing, and working side by side with an audiologist, each hearing aid is programmed to meet the child’s specific hearing loss.
  2. Electronic Verification –Once the hearing aids are programmed they can be verified electronically to assure the child is receiving appropriate benefit from the technology.
  3. Customized Sizing –Tiny ears call for tiny hearing aids. Many hearing aid manufacturers have a pediatric platform for technology, which ensures the best fit for little ears.  Custom ear molds are also made to fit each ear to provide optimal fitting needs. While hearing aids can last for years, ear molds can change as often as once per month since kids grow so quickly!
  4. Tamper Resistant Battery Doors –Curious little fingers often find themselves in places they shouldn’t be. Hearing aids have tamper resistant battery doors for child safety so that they can’t have access to batteries.
  5. Time Tracking –Programming software allows audiologist to track the amount of time the child is wearing their hearing aids. With this knowledge, they can make recommendations regarding how that technology can be most beneficial.
  6. Long Lasting –If well taken care of, and the needs of the child’s hearing loss don’t change, typically hearing aids last anywhere from 3-5 years.
  7. Perks For Older Kids –Hearing Technology is compatible with FM systems, which could be of great use once a child reaches elementary school age.
  8. Counseling Tools –Programming software gives audiologists access to an abundance of counseling materials to help families understand the degree of hearing loss.
  9. Grace’s Law –There is a bill in NJ that requires insurance companies to help cover medically necessary expenses incurred in the purchase of a hearing aid. The place of employment headquarters needs to reside in the state of NJ.  Children ages fifteen and younger qualify based on your individual health insurance. It was named after Grace Gleba, a NJ girl with severe hearing loss. Her mom is the bill’s leading advocate!
  10. Colors For Confidence –Many hearing aid manufacturers offer several color options for children and families to choose from. Wearing their favorite color gives kids a confidence boost and brings in a little more fun. Some even come in glitter!

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