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4 Ways to Help Keep Baby’s Hearing Aid or Implant On

It’s critical for babies and toddlers to wear their hearing devices as often as possible, yet we face one obstacle – keeping them on! Little ones are constantly exploring and on-the-go, and since there’s no stopping that, here are some ways to help keep their hearing aids/ implants on.

1. Bonnets/Pilot Caps

A pilot cap or bonnet prevents a baby from being able to take their hearing aids out. Companies specialize in making them for hearing aids and cochlear implants so that they are designed to not cause feedback. Some websites include www.hearinghenry.com and www.silkawear.com.

2. Wig Tape

Wig tape can be used on a cochlear implant or hearing aid and is safe for skin. Wig tape may only last for a few hours and must be changed everyday.

3. Lanyards

A lanyard is attached to the child’s shirt with a small loop around the hearing aid or implant. Although this does not help keep the hearing aids or implant on the ear, it does prevent the aid from being lost for an active infant or toddler.

4. Huggie Aids

A “Huggie Aid” is a rubber ring that is attached to the aid and wraps around the ear to keep it secure.