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May 11, 2015
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January 14, 2019
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How to Make Cleaning Up with Your Toddler a Listening Activity

SING A SONG: Pick a song to sing with your toddler each time you clean up. Over time, as you start to sing, stop before the last word and use auditory closure to allow the child to finish singing the song.

SORT BY COLORS: Have your toddler clean up sorting by colors. Encourage them to find only one color first while you find another.

AUDITORY MEMORY: Ask your child to find two or three objects to put away first. Continue to have them listen for which objects they can bring you. (Ex. “Can you put the lion and the monkey in the box?”)

TRY NOT TO POINT! Give your child directions but try to do so through listening first then if they need a visual you can show them by pointing or gesturing.

SEQUENCE THE EVENTS: Give your toddler the sequence of events so they can begin to learn the order and understand what comes next. Ex. “First, we are going to clean up our play dough, then we have to wash our hands and after we can have a little snack.”